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How Big is the Center Well of the ClimbUp® Bed Bug & Insect Monitor?

The diameter of the center well is 4 1/4", so it is large enough to accommodate the rolling casters found on many metal bed legs.

Do I Take the Tape off the ClimbUp®?

No, do not remove the paper tape. The paper provides the fibrous surface for the bed bugs to climb up. If you remove it in error, it can be replaced with paper wound tape available at your local drugstore.

Would ClimbUp® Work Better if Alcohol, Soapy Water or Oil were Added to Capture Wells?

No, liquids negate the lubricant effect of the talc. When alcohol or soapy water evaporates from the wells in a day or two, bed bugs will be able to cross the barrier. When a dust or lint film forms on the oil, bed bugs can walk across the top. Also, bed bugs are much easier to see against the opaque talc surface than in liquids.

What Can Be Done if Bed Legs are Too Big to Fit in ClimbUp®?

Spacers or risers can be placed under legs to elevate legs 1 1/2" over ClimbUp®. Commercial bed risers are available and do-it-yourselfers find that 1 1/2" thick wooden blocks or slices of 3" diameter PVC pipe work well.

How can ClimbUp® Cracking over Padded Carpet be Prevented?

Distribute the weight of the leg over the area of the center well by placing a 3" diameter disk of thin, rigid material under the ClimbUp®. A 3" dock washer from the local fastener store works very well.

Can Scented Talcum Powder be used to Re-lubricate ClimbUp® Surface?

Yes, talcum powder is talc. Any talcum powder will work as lubricant. Bed bugs appear to be neither attracted nor repelled by the scents found in baby talcum powder or body talcum powder. Cosmetic talc is sufficiently pure for the purpose of lubrication.

What Prevents Bed Bugs that have Climbed Down Bed Leg from Climbing Back Up Again?

Nothing prevents bed bugs from climbing back up again but dispersing bed bugs are trying to get away from bed. Bed bugs only seek a blood meal about once per week.

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